Natalie bois d'urso - milka interiors


Owner and Designer

My Story

My name is Natalie and I love Interior Design. I have three children, twin two year old girls, a five year old son and a 34 year old husband.

I studied Fashion construction and Design and worked in the fashion industry for a while, then discovered I had a passion for Interior Design, so I changed my career from the ‘dressing room ‘ to dressing rooms.

After having my children, I fell in love with the extensive range of the creatively beautiful products, colours and themes available when I started to design my children’s room.

And so Milka Interiors was born.

I specialise in E-Designs because it gave me the opportunity to design for clients worldwide and offered me more options to use my unlimited imagination and creativity. And I love it because I can do what I absolutely love from home anytime.

When I design a room, I imagine that I am designing it for my children so I know what items are essential in a child’s room which is as important as the unique and gorgeous interiors I pick and incorporate into each individual design. I pour my love and passion into every project just as I would if it were in my own home.

I am a lover of DIY so I totally understand that my clients want to participate in creating their child’s space and so I want to offer them as much help as I can to make their experience a memorable and fun project.

What’s in a name?

The name ‘Milka’ is my grandmother’s name. I spent a lot of time at her house as a child and have many happy memories of her and my grandfather. The joyful memories of her home and the love and affection she offered to me is how I want every child to feel about their room so they will forever have happy, joyful and FUN memories of their special individual space within their home.